Letter: We’ve got-ta, got-ta have a little compromise


Clayton Norlen’s ignorance on the immigration issue Wednesday (“Fly your flag, whatever the colors,” Dec. 6) was made painfully obvious when he admitted to not knowing what the American way of life is.

I agree with him that Pahrump’s flag law is horribly un-American. If you want to fly another nation’s flag in America, by all means DO IT! Just make sure you fly the American flag higher (seeing as it is in America and such). You would be expected to show the same respect in other countries, so why not here?

Secondly, why can’t English be our official language? Would you go to France without even trying to learn the language and expect everyone to speak English just for you? It doesn’t mean giving up your ability to speak English, it just means learning something new and becoming, dare I say, open-minded.

Americans are not asking immigrants to give up their entire heritage and become baseball-loving cowboys-just to learn our language and respect our country. Our immigration policy is horrible, but the solution isn’t just to let everyone in or keep everyone out; the answer, as usual, is found somewhere in the middle: a happy medium that requires compromise from both ends of the spectrum. Sadly, I wouldn’t expect one anytime soon.

James MemmottFreshman, Undecided