KUTE funding cut approved

After nearly a month of debate, a measure to cut student government funding for KUTE, the U’s student radio station, is final.

The U Board of Trustees passed the measure on Dec. 11, which will allow student government leaders to suspend funding for KUTE on a yearly basis.

The bill was drafted by Associated Student of the University of Utah leaders and passed in both the ASUU Senate and General Assembly last month. Because the measure amends the student constitution, Redbook, it required approval from the trustees.

Student government leaders behind the cut argued that KUTE did not have a large enough audience to justify the $15,000 it was set to receive this year. The station currently has more than $40,000 in reserve funds and is expected to spend fewer than $21,000 this year.

“Rather than let this $15,000 sit in their reserve fund, we’d like to use it in other ways,” said Student Body President Jake Kirkham.

Some members of the station’s management spoke out against the cut, saying it is premature and should await input from a presidential task force evaluating all student media on campus.

The task force is currently examining a variety of recommendations for reorganizing student media outlets and is expected to have a recommendation within the academic year.