Letter: Dry in Sandy?

Editor:It’s difficult enough to comprehend, much less support, diverted public financing for construction of a soccer stadium for a professional soccer franchise outside the Salt Lake City limits. However, the Salt Lake County Council, and especially Mayor Peter Corroon, should be complimented for the official scrutiny and wary oversight exhibited to protect the public interest in this commercial venture. Meanwhile, the over-exuberance for soccer by sports fans and event fanatics traveling to Sandy will be lost if the proposed stadium that will double as a venue facility for other revenue-generating activities, including rock concerts, will be reserved for teetotalers only. Thus far, everyone, including Sandy, Salt Lake County, and Real Salt Lake owner, Dave Checketts, is mum on the issue as to whether the soccer stadium will prohibit beer sales and be closed on Sunday. This is no small detail, and it shouldn’t be overlooked by public officials and private investors who are also supposed to be promoting a professional sports culture that is strongly lacking in Sandy. Contrary to dominant belief (even in Utah), beer drinkers are mainstay and not a “subculture” at sporting events. More importantly, we the public deserve to know, and know now.

John RenteriaAlumnus, Political Science