Letter: Hinckley Forums need more room

Editor:We are fortunate to have an opportunity to participate in the Hinckley Forums/Middle East Center Lectures, and the lecture by Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, is a prime example. What is not so wonderful is the inadequate seating capacity of the Hinckley Room. So often, the room is filled beyond capacity with dozens of people left standing in the hallway.This time, someone was kind enough to invite many of us into the administrative offices, where every inch of space was filled with people sitting on the floor or standing to watch on the closed circuit television. When there is so much interest in your excellent program, isn’t a provision made for those speakers that will obviously draw a large audience for a larger venue? Why not provide a large classroom with a closed circuit TV hookup to accommodate the spillover? You would think that many of these speakers who have traveled from afar to the forum would be insulted by the small size of the venue. Chad MullinsOsher Adult Learning Program