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Get ready now for Valentine’s Day

First dates can often be uncomfortable. Blind dates only complicate that which is already complex. Mix in all of the “rules and expectations” involved with dating and it’s a wonder that any couple has any desire to go any further than that first, awkward date.

That’s what makes shows like “Blind Date” and “ElimiDate” so popular. Watching other people suffer through similar types of experiences that we’ve all had to deal with at one time or another seems to ease the pain.

But sometimes these things actually do work out. That’s what makes dating so exciting. That’s why there are so many chick flicks out there that emphasize that one magical moment.

You know what moment I’m talking about–that split second when two people could not care less about what happens around them, and all that matters is that person they’ve just met, who has somehow completely and unexpectedly captivated them.

The recent movie “Pride and Prejudice” captures it perfectly–or, uh, that’s what a friend of mine who watches chick flicks told me, anyway.

In the movie, two people who have been disguising their obvious passion for one another come together at a dance. They begin talking and dancing, and when their “moment” arrives, everyone around them disappears and all that is shown is the two love-stricken people perfectly unaware of anything surrounding them.

It’s the part that makes women weep and men fidget uncomfortably as they try to conceal their emotions. It’s when the couple falls in love.

And as far as I can tell, that’s what keeps single people motivated to keep trying. That’s why they don’t give up after many nights of frustration and discontent following failed dates.

There is an optimistic thought buried deep in the back of their minds that they just might have a chance of reaching that rare “Hollywood moment.”

But for those of us still on the hoping end of dating, a miserable holiday is quickly approaching.

In just three weeks, single people all over the country must have a giant reminder in the form of Valentine’s Day that they are alone and that they should go crumple up on the couch to avoid being immersed in a world of love they aren’t involved in.

But this year can be different. That’s right; you’ve still got time to prepare. I wish I could say that within the next three weeks all the single people of the world could find someone to spend the dreaded holiday with, but let’s be realistic.

For one thing, we don’t want to see a horde of desperate singles lashing out romantically at every member of the opposite sex with the hope they may fall immediately in love. We could go to BYU for that kind of thing.

No, if you are single, just continue your regular dating habits, and maybe you’ll luck out in the next few weeks. If you do have a significant other, go easy on your single friends.

The best way to prepare is to figure out now what to do with yourself on Valentine’s Day. If you wait until it arrives, it’ll be too late and you’ll be that lonely pathetic creature crumpled up on the couch that I described earlier.

Be creative. You could throw a sweet singles party, you could watch Shakira music videos on YouTube (that way you’ll at least be off the couch), you could find ways to destroy the romantic plans of your friends who rub it in that they’re not single or you could just treat the day like any other Wednesday.

Really, the world is your playground. You just have to know which slide to go down. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a lonely day.

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