The search for assistant vice president for diversity continues

By By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

The forum presentations by the candidates seeking the associate vice president for diversity positions continue this week, with only two more left to go.

Today’s presentation will feature Dwayne Wilson, current associate professor in the college of social work, and will take place in the Union Theatre at 4 p.m.

Wilson, along with the other two candidates, is seeking to replace Karen Dace, who resigned in October to work for the University of Missouri-Kansas City as the deputy chancellor for diversity, access and equity.

The vision that Wilson will present revolves the theme of “participating leadership for promoting and enhancing the diversity initiatives at the U.”

“This theme appears to me to encompass both contemporary notions of leadership in higher education and the functions of the advertised position,” Wilson said in a written statement.

More specifically, Wilson hopes to enhance diversity by creating closer ties among ethnic groups at the U.

“I visualize the associate vice president for diversity (working) closely with all campus offices, groups and individuals that have responsibilities for and are committed to promoting and enhancing the university’s diversity agenda,” Wilson said, “and as one of the liaisons between the university and diversity stakeholders in the Greater Salt Lake City area.”

Tomorrow’s presentation will feature Lisa Flores, associate professor in the ethnic studies program. Flores, the last candidate for the position, will speak in the Union Theatre at 4 p.m. The forums are open to the general public.