When opposites don’t attract

By By Jesse Peterson

By Jesse Peterson

Warm in the WakeGold Dust TrailLivewire RecordingsTwo-and-a-half out of five stars

If you ask me, Warm in the Wake’s band name should actually be the name of its debut release, Gold Dust Trail, and the CD should just be called?something else.

Which is to say, for me, things started out badly and did not really get much better.

Gold Dust Trail offers a blending of indie/folk/southern rock with all kinds of happiness thrown in. Each track carries a simple 4/4 beat that keeps things upbeat and, generally, the guitars (gee-tars–that’s how you say it down South) vary from acoustical strumming to rambling slides and somewhat atonal, atmospheric picking.

Other instruments that add to the album and its focus are the pianos (pianos are SO hot right now, ya’ll) and the mandolin. Gotta love those.

All things considered, Gold Dust Trail is one mellow joy ride. My only miff here is that Gold Dust Trail is just too? normal (read: unoriginal). I like my music to get me passionate about things.

Things like: dancing like a sea lion (I’m white, it’s the only way I know how), punching people anywhere I can (not very realistic, I’m also puny) and kissing with the tongue (you’d be surprised, but I’m part French, giving me an edge?excuse me, I meant to say, “a whole lot of edges, yowza!”). Gold Dust Trail just doesn’t do it for me.

Honestly, Gold Dust Trail has more chance of gathering a pile of dust from my shedding skin than spinning round in my record player. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else.

Who knows what’s in the future for Warm in the Wake? I’m guessing?people who actually connect to this type of music??