Life Center would have been a waste


Thank God somebody at the legislature had the good sense to stop the massive ASUU ego trip that masquerades as a new student center. Having a “24-Hour Fitness” gym makes great sense for gym rats-which make up about 2 percent of the student population.

The “Fitness Center” sounds like a great idea to the Associated Students of the University of Utah for two reasons: 1) demonstration of own importance, and 2) Positive response on the student survey. Being made up of overachievers and future politicians, the reason for the first is obvious. But let me explain the second.

People like the idea of a fitness center because they think, “Oh, yeah, I could totally exercise more.” Never mind the thousands of new gym memberships each January that get used exactly twice. If ASUU wants to make an enduring addition to campus, they would be better off adding some of the capsule motels Spencer Young talked about (in Feb. 1’s article, “At rest in translation”).

Visit the couches on the second floor of the Union at noon and you’ll find them filled with unconscious students catching a few precious minutes of sleep. It would be nice if ASUU would spend some money on the things people actually use instead of expensive toys.

Matt MillerGraduate Student, Urban Planning