Bound in deer fur and prom-dress sateen

By By Anna Kartashova

By Anna Kartashova

More than 60 works of the best bookbinders and book artists in America will be on display at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts as part of the Guild of Book Workers’ 100th Anniversary Exhibition starting today.

The exhibit, co-hosted by the Book Arts Program at the J. Willard Marriott Library and the UMFA, is touring across the country and features three unique books by Utah artists.

Head of Rare Books and founder of the Marriott’s Book Arts Program, Madelyn Garrett, whose piece is featured in the exhibit, used beads sewn into floss-embroidered velveteen for her book’s binding.

“This binding – produced during a six-month period that averaged two hours (per) square inch – incorporates Japanese, Czech and Italian beads into a pattern of gold embroidery,” Garrett said.

Marnie Powers-Torrey, Book Arts Studio manager, is another artist featured in the exhibit who made her 48-page book’s cover out of leather and deer fur.

Toni Nelson, another artist whose book is on display, is a longtime volunteer for the Book Arts Program at the Marriott Library. Her book, which looks like a bright pink purse, is made out of “prom-dress” sateen.

“The book is a playful homage to girls who really knew what it was about,” Nelson said in a recent press release.

This is the third time the Guild of Book Workers’ annual exhibition has come to the U. In previous years, the Marriott Library displayed the books within its walls. However, because of the construction, the organization was able to house the exhibit at UMFA, said Dana Rogers, UMFA’s public relations and marketing coordinator.

The Guild of Book Workers’ 100th Anniversary Exhibit opens today for the general public and will continue through March 18. The keynote speaker and exhibition curator, Karen Hanmer, will deliver a lecture about the books as dynamic and versatile forms of contemporary art at UMFA on opening night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Students, faculty and staff may see the exhibit for free.

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