Letter: Stupidity is not the answer to gun debate


Every time I open a newspaper, it seems that everyone, on all sides of an issue, is a moron. The debate about guns on campus is no different. On the one hand, you’ve got students like Brittany English, quoted in The Salt Lake Tribune saying that if guns are on campus, someone who loses his or her temper will shoot someone else (“Lawmaker proposes new campus gun restrictions,” Feb. 7). Hey, English: If someone disregards the law to the point where he or she is going to commit a homicide, do you really think he or she is going to care whether or not the U’s campus has rules against guns? Stop being stupid.

On the other hand, you have people like Brent Tenney, who said that allowing students to choose not to have firearms in their rooms is akin to segregation (“Banning concealed weapons in the dorms is segregation,” Feb. 8). Hey, Tenney: Nobody is going to hang you from a tree because you have a firearm. The police aren’t going to sic dogs on you, and the KKK isn’t going to throw a bomb through your window. Stop being stupid.

Seriously, people. I realize that this is a complex issue, with valid points on both sides, and that some people are quite emotional about their viewpoints. But please, base your discussions on logic and reason, not fear, hyperbole and irrational comparisons. Stop being stupid.

Nick BernardSophomore, Political Science