Letter: It is our duty to respond to evil

Editor:I agree with Nicholas Pappas (“Trolley Square shooting is not about agendas,” Feb. 14) that this isn’t the time for statistics, and facts will only take us so far toward understanding and closure. I join with the rest in wishing those affected the best and wishing for resolution. Still, we share in the knowledge that, until the world changes, we will have a need for people who can prevent, or at worse, respond to the kind of evil that put Salt Lake City in the international spotlight this week. That kind of a change is difficult and happens one person at a time — hopefully, someday, it will result in a time when people do not do these kinds of things. For now, I just wish someone could have stopped him sooner, and recognizing that someone finally did is important and most likely saved lives.

Kim M. BowmanAlumnus