Letter: Kellen Wilson is the world’s biggest liberal

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Editor:It seems to me that one of your more regular letter writers, Kellen Wilson, uses the word liberal quite liberally — but never in a positive light. In fact, it’s always meant to be demeaning. I wonder if others notice this? Could this mean that Wilson doesn’t LIKE liberals? Well, maybe. But upon reading some of his previous letters, it becomes apparent that he isn’t so much making a reference to which side of the fence his subject sits, but rather using the word as a place-holder for “people who Kellen Wilson hates,” as if it’s some kind of definitive description. It’s not that Wilson hates liberals — that’s just what he calls the (many) people he hates. If I were to adhere to his definition of liberal, he would be the biggest liberal I’ve ever heard of. Kellen Wilson is a prime example of what’s truly wrong with this world. Do us a favor, please, and stop printing his garbage.

Jake Van AlstyneJunior, Chemical Engineering