Letter: Zundel’s off his rocker

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According to Aaron Zundel’s column (“An inconvenient truth about ‘An Inconvenient Truth,'” March 1), we shouldn’t worry too much about global warming because we don’t know if we are causing it (6 billion individuals surely couldn’t affect one planet). I’m guessing he forgot the international group of scientists who met in Paris in February and concluded, with a 90 percent certainty, that man-made greenhouse gases (products of burning coal, oil and other fossil fuels) are the cause of global warming.

On Feb. 27, another international panel of scientists presented the United Nations with a plan on how to combat global warming, stating it’s a challenge “to which civilization must rise.” What if we decide to do nothing about it? A turbulent 21st century of weather extremes, spreading drought and disease, expanding oceans and displacing coastal populations is waiting for us, according to the report. This is not politics; it is irrelevant if Al Gore is a hypocrite or not. If the ocean level rises 19 inches or 20 feet, it’s rising either way. It’s about life, not only human, but LIFE and the conditions to preserve it. It is our moral responsibility to act. Apathy will harm, prevention won’t. Zundel, how exactly is being a smart, enlightened, compassionate granola-eater irresponsible? Oh yeah, I forgot-it’s all about money and commodity. We shouldn’t overreact about losing the world.

Alejandro MoyaArt