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“300”Directed by Zack SnyderDecapitations! Mutilations! More bare abs and squeezable man pecks than a weekend party at Ted Haggard’s place! Yes, Frank Miller’s graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. has come to bloody life. Caution: the first four rows may get bled on. (R) “The Ultimate Gift”Directed by Michael O. SajbelA spoiled young man discovers the real meaning of something corny when he must complete 12 tasks in order to inherit his late grandfather’s “ultimate gift.” I’m guessing it’s not lots and lots of cash. Boo. (PG)

“The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen)”Directed by Florian Henckel von DonnersmarckIn this freshly crowned Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Language Film, a German secret service agent becomes morbidly fascinated by the affluent family he’s ordered to spy on.Unfortunately, he’s not a very good spy. The mom of the family begins to suspect something when she sees a potted plant wearing sneakers following her around town. (R)

“Family Law (Derecho de Familia)”Directed by Daniel BurmanNo, it’s not another “Law & Order” spin-off. A young father weighs the differences and similarities between himself and his dad.It would only be more interesting if each scene were preceded with a title card indicating the location and date, along with that cool “DUN dun” sound. (Not rated)

MIDNIGHT MADNESS AT THE TOWER! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!”Punch-Drunk Love”Directed by Paul Thomas AndersonHighbrow film snobs across the country were forced to like an Adam Sandler movie when this one came out back in 2002. Don’t worry, you snobs. There are enough neato camera moves and oddball moments to turn away most average moviegoers, so you and your overdeveloped sense of superiority can have the theater all to yourselves. (R)