Parties punished

By By Rochelle McConkie

By Rochelle McConkie

After a long and arduous night of grievances, the ASUU Elections Committee found the More 4 U Party guilty of 10 grievances. Fourteen grievances were filed against the party for violations of posting and campaigning rules.

Of the 14, one grievance was dropped and the party was found not guilty of two. Out of the remaining 11 grievances, two were constituted as the same offense and combined — totaling 10 guilty rulings for the party.

Although Elections Registrar Lorraine Evans said, “We never made any request or insinuation that we wanted them off the ballot,” she said another grievance was filed by Special Prosecutor Zan Larsen against More 4 U, requesting that the Elections Committee view the number of grievances as a whole as a violation of the party’s contract.

When filing for elections, candidates sign a contract committing to act in a professional and dignified manner and abide by all rules set forth by the Associated Students of the University of Utah constitution, Redbook.

Grievances filed against the More 4 U Party included too many signs, posters that were too large, campaigning in the Union, the breaking of electronic campaigning rules and the distributing of campaign materials in classrooms.

The Elections Committee ruled that the party pay in $220 in fines and remove the posters and banners that stand in violation.

More 4 U presidential candidate Joe Coccimiglio said his party complied with all rulings and took down some of the signs.

“We are trying to abide by every rule,” Coccimiglio said. “I’m not a machine, I don’t have Redbook memorized, but we are trying our best.”

Coccimiglio also said he is confident in those running the elections, including the Elections Committee. “I’m sure they made decisions based on facts,” he said.

If More 4 U is found guilty of the grievance filed by Larsen, which will be deliberated on Thursday night, Evans said she is not sure exactly what will happen next.

“It’s hard to say, because by the time they deliberate, the polls would be closed,” Evans said.

In what she called a “worst-case scenario,” Evans said if More 4 U was found guilty of the grievances and taken off the ballot — but still won the primaries — the party with the third-most votes would probably advance to the general elections.

Elections Committee Chair Spencer Ferrero said it would be inappropriate to speculate about what the ruling will be at this time.

The FUSE Party was found guilty of two grievances and the Forward Party was found guilty of one grievance, all three of which were related to sign-posting mistakes.

Lennie Mahler

More 4 U presidential candidate Joe Coccimiglio listens in during Wednesday’s debate. In a hearing Tuesday, the ASUU Elections Committee found the More 4 U Party guilty of 10 out of 14 grievances files against it.