Letter: Ever held hands?


I am completely and totally appalled and offended by Andrew Kirk’s column (“The ‘gay agenda’ is real,” March 14). You allowed a piece of writing to enter your paper that directly correlates gay activists to Nazis. Not only that, this column implies that anyone that is gay or a gay activist is godless. Many members of the LGBT community are believers in God, and in fact, many are even Christian. I was especially disappointed with the final thought: “If ‘gay’ were kept private and only ‘rights’ were fought for, people might be surprised by what gets accomplished.” Does Andrew Kirk tell his wife that they have to keep their marriage private? Has he ever held hands in public with a girl? How can he state that gay members of our society would be advantaged to hide who they are in any public sphere?

I do not know of any movements that have made any advancement by hiding in the private sphere. I am also very offended that the opinion editor, the editor in chief and everyone else who read this would allow such a discriminatory piece into our paper.

Kate BradleySenior, Sociology