Five Reasons to see ‘Gianni Schicchi’

By By Christie Franke

By Christie Franke

5. The acting. Music majors are not required to take acting classes, which means that they “have to develop (their) own acting skills,” said Heath Sorensen, who plays Simone. For students who are not required to take acting classes, these guys are remarkable. Timing is everything in comedy, and they definitely have it.

4. The sets are awesome. The crew takes elements of the “Suor Angelica” set and subtly parodies them. Also, there is a body hidden in a trunk and sausages in the mattress. Wouldn’t you like to know why?

3. “It’s a lighter opera; it seems to be more along the lines of a musical theater show than an opera, because some of the things Larry (West, the director) added — such as the twists in the time era-make it more like Broadway,” said Kevin Golub, who plays both Maestro Spinelloccio, the doctor, and Pinellino, a cobbler. It’s anachronistic, which makes it funnier.

2. “It’s an opera about human nature and emotions to an insane degree: Everyone is greedy, but it is enlarged for us to see. And there’s great singing,” said Cecily Ellis, who plays La Ciesca. Comic exaggeration.

1. The casts have been working hard. The house is rarely full because people don’t hear about the opera shows as much as they hear about the productions put on by the theater and dance departments. This is tragic. This is a major program, so go support our local opera singers!