Police Report: Tickets, trespassing and rock-throwing

By By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

Unfair fare

According to a police report, a cab driver took a man from a west Salt Lake City location to the U Hospital, only to be told that the passenger had no money to pay the $15 fare. The penniless passenger was arrested and booked into jail for the offense.

Seeing green

Police arrested a man in the Union for annoying patrons in the building with his incessant requests for money. The man has been arrested multiple times for trespassing.

Between a rock and a drunk place

Police officers received a tip that someone was throwing rocks at a newspaper delivery truck. Officers located a man in the area who matched the suspect description, but when they tried to interview him, he ran. The suspect was later caught, but denied throwing the rocks. However, the suspect was cited for underage drinking.

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Getting some Zs

Police officers arrested a man because he was sleeping in Orson Spencer Hall after it was locked up at night. According to the police report, the arrestee was not affiliated with the university.

No, seriously dude, find a couch

Police arrested a man for sleeping in the Christensen Center after it was locked up for the night. The arrestee is not affiliated with the University.

Chartwells alternative

A man was arrested for trespassing after he was spotted taking food from patrons and generally bothering people in the Union.

Losing in the loo

According to a police report, a man left his backpack in a restroom in the Marriott Library. When he returned to the restroom, he discovered that his backpack was gone. No one has turned it in to the lost and found.

Happy 4-20

Police officers were called to investigate in the Residence Halls because someone complained about the smell of marijuana. The suspected resident let the officers into his room and admitted he had smoked a joint. He also showed the officers where the marijuana and paraphernalia was located. He was cited for the offense.

Female Napster

A woman fell asleep in the Marriott Library. While she was napping, someone took a credit card from her wallet. The victim later discovered that the credit card had been used to make over $500 in purchases.

(Don’t) be our guest

A man staying at the University Guest House told police that someone had carved an obscenity into his pickup while it was parked in the Guest House lot.

Boot Scootin’ Boogie

According to a police report, a Commuter Services employee reported that a boot was placed on a car because it had too many outstanding parking tickets. However, the booted car was also gone.

So let me get this straight: A car was booted because it had too many outstanding tickets. Then the booted car was stolen. What kind of thief would steal a booted car with numerous outstanding tickets?