The debate must go on

The Sean Hannity vs. Rocky Anderson debate appears to be self-destructing — and given the obvious shortsighted, hotheaded personalities of these two men, it is little surprise.

This childish and selfish decision comes as a result of the Hannity camp’s objection to the presence of a documentary film crew at the debate.

No wonder. Hannity usually looks like an idiot on live TV — and that’s on his own show. I imagine if he were anywhere else, and not in charge or the star of the situation, he could be prone to getting sweaty and repeating the phrase “we report, you decide.”

At the end of the day, is anyone really surprised that these two personalities couldn’t get it together? After all, the debate idea erupted on a radio show — not exactly commitment-inducing — and the two men have always been a pair of prima donnas.

I would have been even less surprised if Hannity quit because there wasn’t enough Spam in his dressing room and Rocky if the toilet paper weren’t recycled.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this all is that the two men may be quitting on a group of people in need — the charities to which they planned on donating the proceeds of ticket sales.

Yes, that is right, each of them had planned for this event to be a sort of fund raiser. As per their requests, one-third of the money was to go to Salt Lake City’s Guadalupe School, one-third was to go to Primary Children’s Medical Center and one-third was to go to the Associated Students of the University of Utah scholarship fund.

These two men have a responsibility to these groups, and they are turning their backs because of a documentary film crew? Hannity and Anderson need to stop the pre-debate ruffling of chest feathers and get it together.

I understand that their manhood and a serious amount of pride is on the line here, but there are three worthy causes that stood to benefit from an event that we all thought would be a fun thing to watch.

So, Hannity, hop on your private jet, Anderson, get out your TRAX pass and let’s really make this debate happen — documentary film crews or not.