Dream designs

By By Paige Fieldsted

By Paige Fieldsted

Senior mechanical engineering students have been waiting all year for a chance to show off their design projects, and that chance finally came yesterday at Mechanical Engineering Design Day.

Sixteen teams of senior students presented their varying projects.

“All year we work on these projects and nobody really sees them,” said Steven Prax, a senior in mechanical engineering. “Mechanical Engineering Day gives us the opportunity to show the university our projects and the skills we have developed over the past four years.”

Preparation for the day began last spring when the students chose teams and projects on which to work.

Project ideas came from a variety of places, including companies looking for solutions to problems, yearly competitions and professors’ pet projects.

“As juniors we are given a list of possible projects, and we can choose what we are interested in and what our skills apply to,” Prax said.

In addition to showing off senior design projects, juniors in the department built robots that will compete in a challenge.

Junior high students from around the state also get involved by creating trebuchets to throw stuffed cougars across the ballroom.

“The event gives the college a lot of credibility,” said Justin Prince, a senior in mechanical engineering. “Our designs show that the things we have learned can be put to practical use.”

Kim Peterson

Jeff Rosenbluth grins as senior Jason Hatch shows him the final product of the “Mountain Chair.” The downhill wheelchair allows those with disabilities to compete in summer sports while using wrists and biceps almost exclusively. Sponsored by Rosenbluth and built to his specifications, the “Mountain Chair” presents a new level of sporting accessibility to the disabled.