Educate yourself on global warming

By By Anastasia Niedrich

By Anastasia Niedrich

Utah set a new all-time high temperature record this week with temperatures of 118 degrees reported near the Utah-Arizona border.

You might want to be concerned not with the isolated temperature record itself, but the noticeable pattern of which the 118-degree temperature is a part.

A pattern of temperature increases has been happening in a majority of the world for a few years. Some would attribute these consistent, increasing temperatures to things “just getting hotter” for no apparent reason. Others would attribute the temperature changes and new high temperature patterns to global warming climate change crisis.

Scientific opinions differ on everything from the occurrence of climate change to the fact that the Earth is round. Some scientists believe that the Earth is flat — yes, even today — and some scientists deny the existence of climate change or that it’s a problem.

However, most scientists agree that climate change does exist and that it’s an epidemic that must be resolved in the next few years if we are to survive.

I have attempted to be environmentally conscious ever since I was about 13 and found out what recycling was. I’ve also investigated both sides to any scientific argument before deciding on a course of action. But, as environmentally conscious as I try to be, until this week I hadn’t seen one of the most influential documentary movies on the global climate crisis and the environment perhaps ever produced — “An Inconvenient Truth.” I would encourage anyone who cares about the environment to see it if you haven’t already.

Whether or not you agree with the scientists that argue climate change is happening and we need to act immediately to reverse the damage, you owe it to yourself to see the movie and research other opinions and evidence on the subject so that you can hear what various sides of the argument have to say.

I believe that our world is in the midst of a global climate change crisis. I believe that humans’ carbon and greenhouse gas emissions have had a part in causing or contributing to the crisis our world is now in. I believed that before I watched “An Inconvenient Truth” because I researched the science behind the claims, saw the evidence (e.g. increasing temperature patterns, among other things). The film was just a sobering confirmation of my conclusions about the global climate change crisis.

Science can be and often is wrong, but even so, common sense and logic point to a wiser course of action than many people are currently taking in regard to protecting and preserving the usable, healthy state of our environment and our planet.

What makes more sense, using non-renewable resources endlessly with no thought or regard as to the needs of future generations, or using only what resources we need to maintain a lifestyle of moderation and preserving as many non-renewable resources as possible for future generations? This is the only Earth we have and the only livable planet we as a species will have, and acting in the best ways we know to protect and preserve it is important.

I’m realistic, so I know that many of us can’t afford hybrid cars, can’t buy and use solar power panels and can’t afford to buy all environmentally friendly products. I’m not advocating complete, undoable lifestyle changes. What I am saying is if you haven’t done so already, you should research the global climate change crisis and decide for yourself to do what you can to benefit the Earth according to what you found and decided.

I did my research. I made my decision. I changed my lifestyle and I’ve acted in accordance with my beliefs and decision. It’s time for you to do the same, if you haven’t already. Do your research, make your decision and change if necessary, but don’t remain intentionally ignorant and uncaring on the subject of global climate change.