RMR: 76ers stay unbeaten in the Revue

By Chronicle Sports Staff

TAYLORSVILLE – For three quarters, the Philadelphia 76ers toiled with the San Antonio Spurs.

It turns out they were just toying with them.

Louis Williams, Thaddeus Young and the 76ers kicked it into fifth gear the moment the fourth quarter whistle sounded. 33 points later, the dust settled and the 76ers’ Rocky Mountain Revue record stood spotless with a 98-86 victory over the resurgent Spurs.

Williams played a complete game, scoring 24 points, dishing six assists, snatching three steals and swatting two shots for good measure. Williams highlights a 76ers pool of talent that Philadelphia hopes to draw from in the coming seasons.

Young also showed why he was at number 12 in this year’s NBA Draft, scoring 18 to go with his seven rebounds and four assists.Last season’s temporary Jazzman-for-hire, Louis Amundson, had nine rebounds and 17 points, 10 of which came in the decisive fourth quarter in which the 76ers outscored the Spurs by 15.

All five of Philly’s starters scored at least 13 points.

The Spurs, who started the game strong with the same pressure and intensity that stopped the Utah Jazz on Monday night, were led by James White’s 20 points, including a few of his trademark, gravity-defying dunks.

The Spurs’ Marcellus Somerville and C.J. Watson threw in 15 points apiece.The game featured dozens of stuffs and slams worthy of airtime on ESPN, including a nasty throwdown by Williams, who stands just 6-1, over Matt Haryasz, who’s almost a foot taller.

Last year’s 16th overall pick, Rodney Carney, missed the action due to a strained lower back.

Jason Peterson

Another one that got away

If at least one person in the Utah Jazz organization doesn’t wake up in the morning and kick him or herself for letting Louis Amundson go, then I’m ashamed to call myself a Jazz fan.

OK. So maybe I won’t go that far, but sometimes it downright hurts to see Amundson playing in a Philadelphia 76ers jersey instead of one trimmed in powder blue.

The 6-9 forward out of UNLV is a huge reason the Sixers are undefeated in the Rocky Mountain Revue so far. And in a league where it’s harder to standout because of one’s intensity and effort than it is to find a five second Bill Walton sound bite that doesn’t contain a superlative, Amundson has been able to set himself a part.

The guy does a lot of things very well.He’s a tenacious rebounder. He’s a great finisher around the basket. He’s athletic enough to redirect a lot of shots most guys would have no business blocking and he’s got an edge to him.

He didn’t like the way one of the Spurs players was constantly draped all over him on Tuesday, so when the guy eventually knocked Amundson to the ground, he popped up like a boxer trying to beat the 10 count, and then he issued a push and a few choice words for this cheap shot artist who is obviously on the right team.

Amundson ended up getting a technical called for his actions, but he sent a message that Philadelphia has been collectively sending the whole week. He’s raising his playing level to a level where it’s impossible for him not to get noticed, and for Jazz fans, it’s a shame that someone on the team didn’t notice this sooner.

Amundson is going to be one of those players that makes Jazz fans cringe every time he puts up a double-double in another uniform, because he very easily could have been doing it with the word “Jazz” embroidered across his chest.

Tony Pizza

Lennie Mahler

Keith Langford is sent to the floor trying to lay the ball out of reach of Bobby Jones and Louis Amundson in Day 3 of the Rocky Mountain Revue. Amundson had 17 points and nine rebounds in the win.

Ty Cobb

Derrick Byars dunks home two points for Philadelphia. The 76ers remained unbeated with a 98-86 win over San Antonio on July 17.