Students of the U: Please like us

Dear students:

Welcome to the U, and for those of you who are returning students, welcome back. We at The Daily Utah Chronicle would like to take this opportunity to introduce our paper and clue you in to how we can build a happy relationship with one another.

To begin, though we might play a main role in producing content for these pages, this is as much the students’ newspaper as it is ours, and it should be treated as such. We want feedback, opinions and ideas that will allow us to really be the voice of the U.

In order to accomplish this, The Chronicle will be featuring a variety of new sections on a weekly basis that might appeal to our readers more than our standard sections have.

Voices, a spin-off of the opinion section, publishes on Mondays and is a section dedicated to voices of the U. It features opinion columns from students, faculty and staff, Student on the Street and Dot Rants — a compilation of the week’s most interesting online comments.

Activities, an addition to the sports section, will appear in The Chronicle on Tuesdays and will feature less mainstream sports as well as activities that can keep one active and entertained in Utah.

The news section will include Investigates on Wednesdays. This section will take on a topic pertinent to the U and offer a variety of stories on its various intricacies.

Finally, the arts and entertainment section will publish Redux on Thursdays. This entertainment magazine will feature film, music and art reviews and will outline upcoming events.

There are a variety of competitions and giveaways that appear in the paper from time to time. Sports enthusiasts can compete for prizes by guessing the week’s winners in Pigskin Picks and Basketball Bids. Our advertising department often gives away tickets to movie screenings, and if students sign up for text alerts they can be eligible for a variety of other prizes. Also, throughout the year the artistically inclined can submit pieces with the chance of their being published as the cover of Redux.

The addition of these sections, as well as the fine-tuning of our original sections, represents an effort on our part to appeal to as many of our readers as possible. We want students to read The Chronicle and enjoy the content that appears.

One way in which people at the U can succeed in getting what they want out of us is by contacting us. There are a number of ways to do so. If you wish to submit a letter to the editor regarding your opinion on an article you’ve read, e-mail it to [email protected] If you have an idea for a story, you can place a call to 581-NEWS and a writer will be put in touch with you.

It is a new year and with it comes a new Chronicle — take part in it, because it is your newspaper.