Bicyclist hit by Trax

By By Clayton Norlen

By Clayton Norlen

A biker collided with a UTA TRAX train yesterday morning as the train was approaching the South Campus TRAX stop.

The biker was cited for running a red light and suffered minor injuries, including lacerations and road rash, said Sgt. Don Bird of the U Police Department. The train was crossing through the intersection of 1725 East and South Campus Drive when, at roughly 9:20 a.m., the bicyclist ran a red light and connected with the front right panel of the TRAX train.

According to a TRAX supervisor who investigated the scene, this was the second time this particular bicyclist had collided with a TRAX train, said Utah Transit Authority spokesman Chad Saley. He said the biker said he had not seen the train approaching.

“Assuming no serious injuries have occurred, even with minor car accidents, we try to get the train moving as soon as possible,” Saley said. The TRAX train was back and operating within eight minutes.