Democrats hate America

By By Tiara Fuller and By Tiara Fuller

By Tiara Fuller

It’s official — Democrats do not support our military.

Can anyone distinguish between the incoherent ramblings of Osama bin Laden and a power-hungry, anti-war Democratic congressman in Washington?

The answer is no. Their goals and mission are the same — to undermine our troops, public confidence in our country and bring U.S. defeat in Iraq.

Gen. Petraeus presented himself before Congress as part of a Democrat-mandated provision to brief Congress on the surge in Iraq.

One might wonder why, before Gen. Petraeus even uttered a word, Democratic congressman Tom Lantos began the briefing by impudently telling the general that no matter what he said, the congressman “wasn’t going to buy it” because he was just a liar for the Bush administration.

This tactic was disgraceful. Gen. Petraeus, a Vietnam veteran, was confirmed unanimously as head of Multinational Forces in Iraq earlier this year by the Senate in an 81-0 vote. He deserves the respect to be heard out by the same people who appointed him without being caught in political maneuvering.

Before he even began his assessment of the situation in Iraq, however, prejudiced opposition already mounted against him.

Without even waiting for the new surge strategy to begin, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared, “This war is lost,” and began bragging that “(Democrats are) going to pick up Senate seats as a result of this war.”

Last month, Democrat House Majority Whip James Clyburn said that a positive report in September form Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker would be “a real big problem (for Democrats).”

With this presumably in mind, Democratic front group ran an ad in The New York Times labeling the respected general “General Betray Us” and a liar “cooking the books for the White House.”

The Democratic leadership was called on to “(make) it clear that (they) do not share the views of and that (they) will not join in attacking the character of this fine officer.”

But of course, the Democratic leadership is spineless.

Because is such a heavy contributor to the Democratic Party, Democratic leaders won’t even stand up and defend a man who has served our country for more than 35 years with honor, distinction and integrity, and whom they unanimously appointed for the job. says Gen. Petraeus is constantly at war with the facts because he has an optimistic outlook for Iraq and faith in our troops.

It is outright appalling to question the integrity of and brand as a traitor the general commanding our forces in Iraq because his first-hand experience doesn’t align with’s political objectives. It displays disdain for America’s military leadership and the troops they lead.

How dare the Democrats say they support our troops while taking money from Apparently, the prospect of campaign funding is enough of an incentive for Democrats — especially presidential candidates — to stand idly by while a respected general is defamed before he has even presented his case.

It is interesting to note that in a recent Gallup Poll, far more of the country trusts Gen. Petraeus’ recommendation than they do the Democrats.

The vitriol being tolerated by the Democrats toward Gen. Petraeus shows that they are more afraid of alienating their rabid left-wing, anti-war base and thereby risking votes in the upcoming election than admitting that they were wrong about the strategy in Iraq.

It is unconscionable that the Democratic leadership is hoping for our military to fail so their party can gain a political advantage.

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