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Nancy Pelosi should be tried for treason

By Tiara C. Fuller

Nancy Pelosi has been pushing for a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.B. 106), which was introduced to congress demanding the recognition and renunciation of Turkey’s actions regarding the genocide of more than a million Armenians in 1915.

At first glance, this bill seems trivial. Why does she want Congress to vote on this now? Is she trying to improve her image? Everyone agrees that genocide is deplorable. What does she hope to gain from this vote? The U.S. condemnation is nothing more than a symbolic gesture. It won’t change what happened-it won’t change anything. Or will it?

Unfortunately, more sinister motives are at work.

If one looks deeper into this resolution, he or she would find a treasonous plot lurking under the guise of philanthropic, moral obligation.

The Armenian Genocide occurred in 1915. History shows that the country of Turkey did not exist then-it was part of the Ottoman Empire.

So why is she trying to blame Turkey for the actions of a former government nearly a century ago?

The bill originally had 225 co-sponsors who quickly withdrew support once they recognized the true intent of this bill.

This resolution is not intended to give recognition to the Armenian population for the grievances they suffered. It aims to undermine the war in Iraq.

Now, Turkey is gracious enough to provide logistical support for the war in Iraq and our only supply route to our troops. All their food, oil, ammunition and other essential supplies flow from Turkey into Iraq.

If Congress antagonizes Turkey by passing this bill, the whole scope of our foreign relations with Turkey will be endangered, and our brave men and women in uniform will be put in unnecessary peril.

To illustrate the validity of this point, I’ll give an example. About a year ago, France passed a similar resolution condemning Turkey for the mass killings of Armenians. Turkey promptly withdrew all military contacts with that nation.

Knowing that fact, why would Pelosi even dream of endangering our ties with Turkey?

I’ll tell you the reason. Pelosi and almost the entire Democrat Party are so blinded by their hatred for President Bush that they would risk our own troops in an effort to destroy him politically.

The worst thing for the Democrats would be for the United States to actually be successful in this war and show that President Bush is right.

The Democrats vowed they would end this war, but so far they have not had enough support to accomplish their goal honestly.

If Congress can’t find enough support to stop the War on Terror, then is should not be stopped.

Instead, it shows that it does not respect the support for this war or the will of the people by scheming behind closed doors and misguided resolutions to find any way to win-I mean lose-this war no matter the cost.

The Democrats are consistently saying that they support the troops and that is why they want them home.

That sentiment clearly plays no part in the latest round of political maneuvering.

The adoption of this resolution would have vast and devastating effects on our troops and future relations.

How many troops would die as a direct result of their supply chain being cut off?

Not only would the troops lose their flow of supplies, but Turkey has been threatening the Kurdish area of Northern Iraq and has strong intentions of invading. Only our good terms with them are keeping them at bay.

Attempting to ruin our relations with a potentially hostile country is treasonous.

Treason is 1) the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign or 2) an attempt to impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government.

Has any act ever been so clear than the one currently being attempted? Inciting a current ally to war clearly harms our government and would give aid to our enemies.

Our troops would suddenly find themselves in a severely weakened strategic position and ill-supplied to fight the war we sent them to fight.

Political maneuvering has no place while our troops are in danger. Nancy Pelosi and any other politician who supports this resolution should be tried for treason.

[email protected]

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