Jazzed about blogging

By By Celeste Chaney

By Celeste Chaney

Cameron Hansen was one of 700 people who applied last summer to become one of the Utah Jazz basketball team’s bloggers this season. Hansen, a sophomore majoring in entrepreneurship, was one of 12 awarded the position and said he is ecstatic about his new role.

“Who could turn down an opportunity to work with the Utah Jazz?” Hansen asked.

Hansen said he has loved the Jazz since he was a little kid.

“My parents have owned season tickets for 16 years now, so I’ve been to a lot of games,” Hansen said. “It all started with (Karl) Malone and Big Dawg. Malone was my favorite player.”

He said the only other team he has ever liked is the Phoenix Suns and only from “time to time.”

Two to three times a week, Hansen blogs about the team, players and games on the blogger’s forum at www.jazzbots.com.

“The nice thing about blogging is that you can do it anywhere at anytime,” Hansen said.

He said he generally writes the blog from his dorm room after doing homework, but with school and his position as an associate director in the Presenter’s Office, Hansen said it can be difficult to juggle the blog.

“It’s hard, but (the Jazzbots) are really flexible. We aren’t getting paid, so they are willing to work around our schedules,” he said.

Despite a few time-management issues, he said he really likes blogging.

“I enjoy it because it is a chance to talk to other Jazz fans, and share opinions,” Hansen said. “It is a very good way to interact.”

As incentive for his work he will receive two tickets to two games and a Jazz jersey of his choice.

In his application, Hansen had to submit an essay describing why he should be one of this season’s bloggers. In the essay he described Dennis Rodman’s dress-wearing days and the ability a person has to make others listen.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to become involved with the Utah Jazz, the greatest team in the NBA,” he said.

Hansen said that last season he was surprised and that it couldn’t have turned out any better “except if we had won the championship.”

As for what’s to come this season, Hansen said the Jazz can only go up.

“Almost everyone on our team has improved (and) become more mature,” Hansen said. “I think it will all come together.”