Clinton fundraiser nearly sold out

By By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

Because seats for this upcoming Sunday’s fundraising rally featuring former President Bill Clinton have been sold out, the Hillary Clinton campaign has created 200 standing-room tickets. The price of those tickets has been cut from $50 to $30, said campaign spokesperson Isaac Baker.

$50 tickets sold out on Thursday for the rally taking place in the Union Ballroom, which has a capacity of about 1200 people.

Although the event is private, the U approved the move to create standing-room tickets to allow more people to come to the event, said Union Director Whit Hollis.

“We’re very excited,” Hollis said. “Having a former president speak at the U doesn’t happen every day. Regardless of what political party you support, you should come.”

Tickets for the event, which is at 3 p.m., can be purchased through >the campaign’s website at and at the Utah Democratic Party’s site,

Those attending the rally will be able to pick up their purchased tickets at a will-call area in the Union lobby.

Arlyn Bradshaw, a U political science alumnus who works for Clinton’s campaign, said Hillary Clinton originally wanted to rally at the U, but was replaced by her husband because of scheduling conflicts.

According to the campaign’s website, Hillary Clinton will be in Iowa at the time of Bill’s rally. The former president will also hold a $500-per-ticket private fundraiser in Park City Sunday night.

The Union will be closed to the public Sunday.

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