Letter: Hiding in glass closets


Another Republican moron has come out of his glass closet after a career in politics spent talking about family values and voting against bills that granted civil rights protection to gay couples. Way to go, Rep. Curtis!

Denial is not a river in Africa, you hypocrite! No wonder the Northwest is a bastion of liberalism — Republicans can only get elected in the most dismal, desperate and desolate parts of the country.

It is ironic to think that those homophobic morons who tortured and killed Matthew Shepard in Wyoming were also Republicans.

I wonder if they are proud to be represented by people like Sen. Craig and Rep. Curtis. I mean, how long do they think they can get away with this anti-gay B.S., while at the same time dressing up like a woman and engaging in gay sex with a male prostitute in a porn store? Or trying to have a glory hole experience with a cop in a restroom stall?

I’m just angry that only the ugly ones are the ones getting caught. Can we get some hot republicans at least?

Manny L. AntonacciU employee