Chronicle’s view: Legislature’s petty threats are disheartening

The Utah State Legislature is, once again, irked with the U.

Recently, the U’s Center for Public Policy and Administration released a report summarizing Referendum 1. The report outlined the goals, financial projections and arguments for and against school vouchers in Utah.

Upon publication of the report, House Speaker Greg Curtis, in an interview with a local television station, alluded to possible ramifications for the U in the future because the report was released at a time when it could possibly affect whether Referendum 1 would pass.

According to Center Director David Patton, the report was meant to be an unbiased attempt at informing voters before election day.

The legislature’s anger at this report is questionable. Could it be that — although the findings of the report don’t take sides on the issue — legislators fear that Referendum 1 won’t pass because of the negativity of the facts presented?

If that is the case, the issue now isn’t whether the report will affect voter decisions on vouchers, but the fact that members of the Legislature treat the U like a little child to bully around in order to get what they want.

Yes, vouchers have been a heated debate from both sides, but the U should not have to fear outlining the facts of an issue — a far cry from stating an opinion or taking a side.

The Legislature needs to stop threatening the U at the drop of every hat — that’s not how state representatives should treat their flagship university.

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