Opinion: Rivalry is a family feud

By By Luke Hinz

By Luke Hinz

For decades, it was the United States versus the Soviet Union. Two superpowers raging in a constant tug-of-war.

During that time, there were the epic battles between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier — two titans, battling for the title.

Of course, there is always the blowout battle between Army and Navy — two branches of the military, duking it out for military supremacy.

There has always been Michigan versus Ohio State — two powerhouses that have dominated college football for decades, constantly abusing each other.

Soon, there will be the next evolution in rivalry: the University of Utah versus Brigham Young University.

In the large scheme of things, this game is not much of a rivalry. In fact, I know next to nothing about it. I’m a newbie to the Utah scene and have never had much love for football. When push comes to shove, I’m a Vikings fan. Poo on the Packers and the rest.

But Utah? I don’t know much about football in Utah. While attending the University of Colorado, I heard distant rumblings of a Utah football team on the march under Alex Smith. I heard coaches ranting and raving that Utah wasn’t being fairly represented in the BCS. In fact, I still hear people complaining about that, but I was too busy watching the Buffs lose.

Then everything fell apart, from what I understand. The coach left. Reason: bigger paycheck. Makes sense to me.

I’m throwing my hands up in frustration. The most contact I’ve ever had with BYU involved two girls I met during Spring Break in Las Vegas. If they’re any indication, BYU people talk too fast and too loud.

The facts are these: BYU was originally Brigham Young Academy. The U was originally the University of Deseret. Brigham Young founded both schools.

In that case, we’re like relatives, right? Relatives who spend time together at Thanksgiving only because they have to. The rest of the year, they knock each other’s wives and urge their kids to out-compete each other. It’s a delicate relationship. Like when my brother so delicately broke my arm. That’s a rivalry. Until I break his arm, go Utes!

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