Letter: I see right through Pappas’ stereotypes


Once again, another asinine performance from our enlightened advocate of diversity, Nicholas Pappas (“Say yes to a ‘Zion curtain,'” Nov. 12.). The word “Mormon” doesn’t need to appear for readers to understand who Pappas is deriding in this column.

I find it interesting to see the overt use of outdated Mormon stereotypes when such pains are taken to ensure political correctness about any other group. Is referring to the average Utahn as a sanctimonious religious fanatic with a family of eight any different than saying that a “certain group” from Georgia does crack cocaine, has illegitimate children and loves watermelon?

It’s apparent that Pappas has an axe to grind with the Utah establishment. I just wish he would engage in those issues with well-thought arguments and logic rather than inane mischaracterizations of Utah and its people.

Peter MunkJunior, History