Letter: Just because you did unto others doesn’t mean the rest of the U will


This is a response to Lindsey Sine’s column (“Do unto others…,” Nov. 22) that appeared in the Thanksgiving edition of the Deseret Morning News.

First of all, it’s unfortunate that your newspaper staff was treated so poorly by some BYU students. I agree that those students were not living their religion, with their rudeness and dirty looks. It was also considerate of you to encourage the disappointed boy at the dance.

Now, are you going to wear a BYU shirt, walk across the U campus and write a column about the treatment you receive? Or does objective journalism not apply to the Chrony staff?

You criticized BYU because one girl was rude to one boy who asked her to dance. You implied that a U girl would never, ever be rude to a boy. Having attended more than my share of U dances and activities with LDS sororities while at the U, I can attest that such an implication is laughably absurd.

Based on the actions of three people on your newspaper staff, you say that “people from the U really know how to treat a stranger.” Thousands of BYU fans who have attended competitions at Rice-Eccles Stadium and the Huntsman Center could tell you differently.

Thank you for reminding me why I quit reading The Chrony during my last two years at the U.

I’m waiting for your response to my letter, Sister Sine, but I won’t hold my breath!

P.S. Why is the Chrony staff so obsessed with BYU’s dress code? You don’t go to BYU, so it doesn’t affect you! Why do you care?

Craig LarsonU Alumnus, ’90