Letter: Rivalry Week is not about hating people


I wanted to give you feedback on your insert (Rivalry Guide, Nov. 22). At first, I was very impressed. I’m a die-hard Cougar married to a die-hard Ute. We have a very fun marriage this time of year. I do root for the Utes at times. Sometimes, it is only on the outside.

I was in Hawaii last week, hoping that the Utes would be able to move on in the National Invitation Tournament. I had a blast wearing my BYU “Fully Invested” T-shirt to Thanksgiving with his family. The thing that makes me sick is to see his 12-year-old niece full of total hatred toward BYU. I laughed and told her I wore that shirt just for her because I knew that she would react that way and gave her a big hug. Why can’t people have fun with it and not teach their kids so much hate?

Anyway, your articles were really good, until I got to the back part of the paper. I guess it’s pretty tough to keep it unbiased. So, thanks for trying. I am sorry that Ryan Shattuck felt that he was so controlled at BYU (“Reasons to give BYU a try.”) I guess he doesn’t like rules. Maybe he ought to move to a country that doesn’t have rules. Everything that is good and right has rules. Does he think that we don’t know how to think for ourselves because we choose not to allow alcohol or our body parts to do the thinking for us? I would rather use my brain to do my thinking, thank you.

Anyway, enough said. Thanks for trying.

Melony AndersonHighland, Utah