Police briefs

By By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

Police Report: Stolen banners, erratic behavior and rhyming harassment calls


A student reported he was being physically threatened and followed by another student near the Merrill Engineering Building. The student reportedly making the threats has been referred for counseling.


The U Police Department was dispatched after receiving a report of a man trying to grab a woman near the U Medical Center terrace. The woman, who was screaming for help, was able to get away, according to the police report. The suspect was described as having a black afro and wearing a black jacket, khaki pants and a black sweatshirt. He is believed to be a Pacific Islander. The police did not receive a complaint from the woman and a search for the suspect was unsuccessful.


A vehicle parked in a clearly labeled reserved parking stall east of Kingsbury Hall was towed after the rightful user of the stall stopped an officer and complained.


A student living in the Sage Point Residence Halls reported that his television, laptop, camera, iPod, jacket and backpack were taken from his dorm room. According to a police report, the student said he was gone for 35 minutes and left his door unlocked. He also acknowledged that he had received an e-mail from his resident adviser that said residents should lock their doors at all times. He said, however, that his roommate was in the adjoining room when he left.


Two Sage Point residents reported that some of their property was taken while they were eating dinner. The students said the items stolen included two laptops, a jump drive, a memory card and a camera. Other residents compiled information about the suspects. The first suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his mid-30s and the second as a 6-foot-2-inch white male in his 20s, with short blonde or light brown hair. The second suspect asked the residents if Max lived in the dorm room, but left when he was told there wasn’t a Max there. The suspects’ vehicle is believed to be a blue Dodge Neon, according to the police report.


Three vinyl posters worth more than $100 each were stolen from the poles outside Kingsbury Hall. The posters advertised “N*gger Wetb*ck Ch*nk: The Race Show,” the Riders in the Sky concert and the Pink Floyd Laser show.


Police officers were dispatched after receiving a report of a student behaving erratically at the Social and Behavioral Science Building. The individual was transported to the University Hospital.


A shuttle driver called police after watching a man enter the Heritage Center carrying an assault rifle. Officers responded and searched the Residence Halls. They found the individual, who was only carrying an Airsoft rifle.


A 20-year-old female was ejected from a football game after police officers found she was in possession of alcohol. The woman and her companion were cited.


A staff member in the Business Building told police officers that the staff had been receiving a series of harassing telephone calls, which all involved a rhyme.


A man was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant for domestic abuse after a female, who was reported to be his ex-girlfriend, signed a complaint against the man for disorderly conduct.