Year in review: FUSE triumphs in ASUU elections

By By Rochelle McConkie

By Rochelle McConkie

March 15

The FUSE Party dominated the Associated Students of the University of Utah elections, sweeping all executive and most legislative positions.

FUSE presidential candidate Spencer Pearson and vice presidential candidate Basim Motiwala beat Forward Party candidates Rick Pehrson and Clayton McDonald by 526 votes, receiving 54 percent of the vote.

Forward received 39 percent of votes cast, and the remaining 7 percent were cast for write-in candidates.

FUSE took 13 of the 16 Senate seats and 34 of the 48 General Assembly seats.

FUSE’s campaign was centered around better advising through the Graduation Guarantee plan and improved communication between ASUU and students.

Results were announced at the Rock the U dance marathon, which raised money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

The 2007 ASUU elections originally included four parties: FUSE, Forward, More 4 U and Activate. Joe Coccimiglio and Craig Hammond were candidates for More 4 U, and Cameron Beech and Ryan Carrier were candidates for Activate.

Elected officers were inaugurated on April 27.

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