The New Green Party

By By Trevor Hale

By Trevor Hale

Everyone wants to be Irish. This is a fact that’s generally seen around the second week of March, when drunken mobs soak themselves in green beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and late September, whenever the Red Sox start inching towards another title.

The only difference between the faux Irish and real deal is that the real Irish always stay true to their roots — something punk band Flogging Molly has built a huge following around, adding more and more Irish wannabes with every show.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, frontman Dave King spent his early years toiling around the London metal scene with his band Fastway but never lost track of his heritage. After Fastway disbanded, King retained a record deal and began working on his own material, using his Celtic roots as an influence instead of thrash that the label had in mind. King soon parted ways with Epic Records and set out on the path that would eventually lead to Flogging Molly.

In 1997, the band self-released a live album called Alive Behind the Green Door that caught the attention of independent punk label SideOneDummy Records, and a deal was struck.

Fusing traditional Irish folk music with punk music the members had all adored growing up gave the band a unique sound that spawned countless imitators. Flogging Molly has been one of the few bands with the staying power — based heavily around its originality and energetic stage performances — to sustain a legion of loyal fans while constantly progressing. Having released three proper full-length albums, an iTunes exclusive EP and a DVD/CD combo, the band is a constant, adored presence on the Vans Warped Tour, which singer King refers to as “the Survivor of punk rock.” The band’s consistent work ethic and love for the road makes it an easy act to catch, and the shows — keeping with tradition — are always a good time.

Flogging Molly is one of the rare crossover bands that even people who don’t like punk rock appreciate because of the craftsmanship and love that go into the unique sound the band has honed during the last 10 years. They play this Friday at In The Venue with fellow label-mate Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, so don’t forget your lucky Red Sox hat.

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