Fun on planks: LDS quarry is a great spot for jibbing

By By Jessica Dunn

By Jessica Dunn

Not far up Little Cottonwood Canyon lies a shred center without a lift. All that’s needed is a little exploring, some snow coverage and a good imagination.

Settlers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints built the granite quarry near the mouth of the canyon to mine granite for building their temple. The now-abandoned quarry might have been bustling 150 years ago, but today it’s a quiet, concrete playground for a snowboarder or skier looking for a new challenge.

As with any urban jib spot, there are tons of potential setups and hits. The quarry’s concrete walls make a good spot for wall rides, and some spots are low enough for a stall on top. There are plenty of ledges to drop and places to build little jumps. If you’re more daring and creative, you could hop through a window or gap a shaft. It’s up to you.

The quarry is a great place for photo opportunities and filming. Films such as “Technine,” “Coldwar” and “Workplay” all feature the spot in a few of their shots.

There is a “No trespassing” sign — it’s not visible in winter, however. Take your chances with that, but as a courtesy to everyone, leave the area the way you found it — unless you want to leave your setup for the next riders, of course.

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