U student featured in Clinton town hall

U student Breanne Miller was one of about 20 people who asked presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a question during her televised national town hall meeting Monday night.

“How do you plan to balance national security, financial reality and respecting immigrants while implementing immigration policies when and if your elected,” Miller asked.

“Well, that’s a great way to pose the question,” Clinton replied.

The New York senator said that her immigration plan would tighten border security while providing law abiding undocumented immigrants with legal status and a path to citizenship.

Clinton said immigrants would be required to pay a fine, pay back taxes over time and learn English. She said that rounding up and deporting all illegal immigrants would be impractical.

Miller, a law student and volunteer for Clinton’s campaign, asked her question via satellite from the Salt Lake City and County Building downtown where Clinton supporters gathered for the event.

Initially, Miller said her question wasn’t selected. But after the questions of other Utah supporters were answered earlier in the program, Miller said organizers told her she was next in line.

“I don’t know if everyone could tell I was very nervous — I hope no one could tell,” Miller said. “I think it’s as close in the near future as I’ll get to having a one-on-one with Hillary Clinton.”

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