Awards give students chance to honor professors

By Melissa Oveson

Students who know professors who embody excellent teaching qualities are being invited to nominate their teachers for this year’s Student Choice Teaching Award.

The awards are aimed at honoring professors who are completely student driven and are known to be an outstanding influence in students’ lives.

The awards were created by students in 1993 to give students a voice in honoring their professors. They are the only awards for professors that are both student chosen and directed. Last year, 30 students nominated professors, 15 of which received awards for their work at the U. Members of the Associated Students of the University of Utah Academic Affairs Board judge the entries based upon short essays written by students about the nominated professor.

“It’s important to do this at every university because we have to remember that it’s a teaching institution as well,” said Katie Miller, director of Academic Affairs for ASUU and a junior history major.

Miller said most awards presented to college professors are given to honor research or work in the community, but the Student Choice Teaching Awards honor professors just for teaching.

Students can submit an essay before March 14 to ASUU through an application online at

Winning students will be given a chance to introduce their professors at a banquet in April. Furthermore, students from the winning professors’ classes will be invited to attend.

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