Letter: Pappas’ humor, wit, sarcasm and hyperbole is lost like a sheep in a wolf’s belly

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I write in regards to Nicholas Pappas’ column “My good old friend Chris: Buttars’ love is give and take” (Feb. 21).

His attempt to make Buttars appear “ass-backwards” ironically left me wondering which way Pappas exited the womb. Make no mistake, my good old friend Nicholas is right — Buttars is an ignoramus. Unfortunately, Pappas’ efforts to illustrate such a point failed miserably.

The column was dangerously littered with hyperbole and sarcasm, which only served to leave an aftertaste of Pappas’ true concern, or lack thereof, for social issues. The severity of Buttars’ comments was hopelessly lost in the satirical downpour. Beware: a wolf in sheep’s skin.

Columns such as Pappas’ continue to undermine and suppress the true issue at hand: latent bigotry continues to thrive in our society without amends. Take Don Imus for example: bigots are disciplined by only a slap on the hand before being quickly excused.

Spare the readers and save the biting wit for celebrity gossip. This issue deserved much more.

Lisa ChanSalt Lake City, Utah