Letter: Auxier needs to broaden her views

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The single positive note from Tiara C. Auxier’s latest opinion column (“Obama is overstepping his political boundaries: Now he’s telling Americans how to raise their children — next he’ll be regulating our lives,” March 6) is, judging from her picture, her youth.

Her youth grants her a long future, and I would advise her to use it wisely to formulate and galvanize her own positions instead of regurgitating unfounded political rhetoric. Has she ever considered that, perhaps, our skyrocketing health care costs are because of the selfishness and sense of entitlement she is advocating?

We live in a society that demonizes collectivism and celebrates individuality and the freedom of choice and expression, thus giving ourselves permission to do whatever the hell we want with no consequences. Well, guess what? Limitless freedom is an illusion, and there are consequences that affect us all.

We, taxpayers, regardless of our political affiliations, are paying into an overburdened health care system in need of dire reform. We are already subsidizing others who cannot afford health care. We are already told by insurance companies what they will and will not cover.

Somewhere along the line, the government will have to step in and take action. Obama was right to suggest that parents take responsibility for what their children eat. So are mandates to regulate carbon emissions in California or banning trans-fats in New York City restaurants because they increase the risk of coronary heart disease. These are all steps in the right direction.

Auxier’s position comes from a myopic, irresponsible, selfish point of view. What she’s really perpetuating is the continuation of reckless mass consumerism.

We, Americans, need to rethink that individualism also means being responsible for our own actions and considering how it will impact the collective whole.

Richard WolfgrammMass Communications