Students throw down in parking lot

By By Ana Breton and By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

A U student was cited for assault after allegedly prompting a fight in the parking lot near the U golf course.

Officers from the U Police Department were dispatched to a fight in the parking lot March 7. The victim, whose name was not released, told the police that he was walking toward the Warnock Engineering Building when the suspect drove by and spotted him. The suspect proceeded to park the car and became physically and verbally aggressive. Two witnesses told police that the two men were fighting on the ground.

The suspect told police the accident was his fault and “he shouldn’t have done it,” according to a police report.

The suspect, who admitted to police that he had started the fight, was cited for simple assault and released.

The victim told police that several weeks ago, he was driving through the parking lot and noticed the same suspect leaning into a parked car and talking with someone. The victim asked the man if he would be leaving soon. The suspect became upset and began to exchange verbal hostilities with the victim, according to the police report.

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