The Word (3/27-4/2): Chronicle’s guide to the SLC music scene

By By Makena Walsh and By Makena Walsh

By Makena Walsh

March 28Lake of Falcons$68 p.m.Kilby Court (741 South 330 West)

Lake of Falcons is better than your average indie rock trio. Think Built to Spill tempered by Fugazi and mixed with a touch of Northwest grunge — the indie rocker’s perfect gramophone cocktail. Yes, ma’am, drums crash, guitars thrash and the bass takes a walk to smoke a cigarette. What would a country in which every citizen is an artist resemble?

March 28These United StatesFree7:30 p.m.Slowtrain Records (221 East 300 South)

These United States’ frontman Jesse Elliott’s writing is staunchly literate, nay, literally lyrical — wordiness perhaps on par with that of The Mountain Goat’s English major/songwriter, John Darnielle. But that’s only one of These United States’ enticing peculiarities (another being that Elliott is a direct descendent of the cooking-utensil-for-a-hat wearing John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed). The group’s debut, A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gates to the Garden of Eden, enlisted the aid of more than 30 DC based musicians to attain its ethereal folk psychedelics — a gastronomical blend of flavors so eclectic and complimentary that your ears will positively water for another taste.

March 28 and 29Video Games Live$48-828 p.m.Abravanel Hall (123 West South Temple)

Video Games Live is an interactive representation of classic and contemporary video game music by a professional orchestra. The show is replete with a large video projection screen, actors, props and lasers as well as an interactive video game to play during the performance. Reproducing the scores of such classic titles as Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Halo, Warcraft, Mario, Tron, Castlevania, Myst, Sonic, Advent Rising and Beyond Good & Evil, Video Games Live also has a classic arcade segment and a slew of other video game songs. Let your inner nerd rejoice, and come early to take advantage of pre-show activities.

March 29Faun Fables$109 p.m.The Urban Lounge (241 South 500 East)

Faun Fables is the creative vehicle for Dawn McCarthy, a precocious and self-taught Spokane girl with a penchant for various mediums of art form. Faun Fables is a fusion of music and theatre, a continuation of a play Dawn wrote while residing in New York called “Transit Rider”. The play unfolds amidst the experimental folk music of her traveling band, which includes long time collaborator and friend Nils Frykdahl of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

March 31YACHT$12.508 p.m.In The Venue (219 South 600 West)

Jona Bechtolt has it all: sexy electronica music production capabilities, entrepreneurial business savvy (he and his girlfriend Claire created a business selling manila-envelope carrying cases for the Airbook Pro) and the artistic acumen to create and design custom T-shirts and iPod touch logos. YACHT is another of Bechtolt’s enterprises, this one a “maker of fine grunge musics.” The band is catchier than Dirty Projectors but no less excellent for this weakness.

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