ASUU may limit food handouts

By Michael McFall

Next year’s student government election packet might include new bans on homemade food and poster locations.

While no changes have been made official yet, the Associated Students of the University of Utah elections registrar Dave Martini is considering banning candidates from passing out homemade food to students.

Marty Shaub, director of Environmental Health and Safety, called Martini and asked him to ban party members from serving homemade food during the campaign.

The department is concerned that campaigners would serve students food prepared in an unsupervised area, such as a private kitchen, by people who do not have official food handler permits, Martini said. The request was not a result of a related incident during the election, he said.

“University of Utah administrators…just asked me point blank (to make the rule),” he said.

Martini is also considering changing the rules to ban candidates from putting up posters around the Mathematics Tutoring Center. The center is located between the Leroy Cowles Building and the John Widtsoe Building.

The change was sparked by the center’s expressed disapproval of posters being displayed near the tutoring center, Martini said. This year party members were asked to remove their posters from the area.

Whether or not the proposed bans will become rules will be decided before May, though no specific date is set for the approval.

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