ASUU picks executive cabinet manager

By Michael McFall

Next school year’s Associated Students of the University of Utah administration chose Yevgeniya Kopeleva as the new chief of staff, the manager of the executive cabinet.

Jon Hayes, next year’s vice president, said they chose Kopeleva for her various experiences in leadership and organization in other groups around campus, including the Bennion Community Service Center, Housing and Residential Education and the Office of Orientation and Leadership Development. She also served on the Focus Party campaign as a candidate coordinator.

The ASUU Senate must later confirm Kopeleva’s appointment.

Hayes said that he, president elect Patrick Reimherr and senior class president elect Madison Warren are confident Kopeleva can work well with them and next year’s cabinet. Hayes said he has seen her ability to manage others not only during the campaign but also when she hired him as an orientation leader.

During the ASUU election, Reimherr and Hayes said they want to include diversity in every board of their cabinet. Kopeleva said she hopes to create a welcoming environment in ASUU by bringing diversity group representatives into the office to educate the staff.

Kopeleva was selected over four other applicants, all of whom are standing members of ASUU, including Attorney General Madson Thompson and Diversity Board Director Dhiraj Chand. As the outsider to ASUU, Kopeleva said she can bring a different perspective, especially of what students think of student government.

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