George Lucas delusions plague student

By By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

A alumna in the film department was escorted out of the Art Building after she instigated an argument with one of the advisers in the program, claiming that George Lucas had control of her thoughts and ideas.

Police officers were dispatched to the building after Darci Berg, the executive secretary in the division of film studies, told them a student who was seeking counseling had turned delusional and highly confrontational. The female student, whose name was not released, told Berg she was concerned that the film department was using her past work inappropriately in the program, adding that she was being slandered by the staff members in the film department about her mental state and past.

Sgt. Lynn Rohland said that because of the nature of the case, the student’s name or records about her mental state could not be released.

When police arrived, the student continued to speak incoherently, and when officers attempted to speak to her during the incident on March 26, she became upset and said the police were being rude, according to the police report.

“Our efforts to communicate logically with her were pointless,” said officer Jennifer Lawson at the U Police Department. “The student spoke in a very delusional manner.”

The woman talked about Mitt Romney, a former Republican presidential candidate, having a private investigation firm to spy on her and film director Lucas having complete control of her ideas and thoughts.

Berg could not be reached for comment.

Officers continued attempts to calm her down and speak to her but were unsuccessful. She told police she would contact the chief of police and accused the officers of being unable to understand her because they were simply security officers, according to the police report.

“My continued efforts to speak with the student was useless,” Lawson said. “She would be very verbally combative with anything that Sgt. (Don) Bird and myself tried to tell her.”

The officers asked the student to leave the building and told her that it would not be necessary to contact the advisers or staff members in the department. The student became upset and, according to the police report, told officers that they were not allowed to prohibit her from coming on campus. The student grabbed one of the officer’s hands, and she would not listen to officer’s repeated requests to stand back.

The officers ended up escorting the student from the building. When she was outside, the student called dispatch and continued to complain, according to the police report.

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