Reimherr selects executive cabinet

By By Michael McFall

By Michael McFall

Patrick Reimherr, ASUU president-elect, selected his new executive cabinet and created a new position for a deputy chief of staff Monday.

Reimherr and his cabinet will take over the Associated Students of the University of Utah in May.

The deputy chief of staff position will replace the former executive assistant position. Also, the Student Outreach board was renamed the Outreach and Assessment board, which will focus more on gathering student opinion.

The deputy chief of staff will aid Chief of Staff Yevgeniya Kopeleva and spearhead special interest projects during the summer, said Jon Hayes, ASUU vice president- elect. Pace Johnson, a junior film studies major, was selected for the position.

Hayes said the deputy chief of staff will also serve as an extra bridge for the executive cabinet and the chief of staff to stay in contact.

Tayler Clough, this year’s director of the Campus Relations board, is next year’s Outreach and Assessment board director. One of the renamed board’s new responsibilities will be to direct a team of pollsters who will scour campus asking students for their thoughts about ASUU and its decisions.

Amanda Mecham, the Presenter’s Office director, will be returning to ASUU next year in the same position. Madson Thompson, this year’s attorney general, will serve as next year’s Academic Affairs director.

When selecting who would fill next year’s positions, Hayes said he, Reimherr and Madison Warren, next year’s senior class president, were looking for experienced, passionate individuals who could create interest in and involvement with ASUU.

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