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Want your voice to be heard? Submit a letter to the editor, send us an op-ed pitch or check out our open positions for the chance to be published by the Daily Utah Chronicle.

Niedrich: Words of wisdom

By Anastasia Niedrich

As my undergraduate academic career and time at the U comes to a close May 2, I thought it appropriate to look back and recap the lessons I’ve learned or things I’ve tried to bring to the attention of readers in the columns I’ve written during my time with The Daily Utah Chronicle.

Before doing so, let me say that although it hasn’t always been totally enjoyable putting my feelings and opinions on the line for others to criticize or degrade as they see fit, I would say that my overall experience writing for The Chrony has been a positive and educational one.

I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to voice my opinions and bring attention to issues I (and hopefully others among you) care about. I also appreciate all of you who read my columns and provided me with feedback — constructive or critical. It’s all been useful and has provoked further thought and growth — at least for me, and hopefully for some of you, too.

I would therefore encourage any of you who are interested in this kind of opportunity to apply for a position as a Chrony columnist and have this experience yourselves. But, for those of you who would rather read The Chrony than write in it, I’d like to leave you with the collective wit, wisdom and whatnot from the columns I’ve written over the past year. I’ve broken down my key points and thoughts by subject group.

Thank you all, again. My sincere, best wishes go out to all of us for future success in our lives and pursuits. Go Utes!

General life lessons

Don’t procrastinate. The potential costs outweigh the benefits in most situations.

Respect others, even when their views are different from your own.

Recognize the privileges you have and others do not. Act for change and equality if you deem it appropriate.

If something is broken, do what you can to help in fixing, changing and/or improving it.

Appreciate those who have worked or fought to provide you with the freedoms and opportunities you have today, especially veterans and educators.


Elect truthful, admirable, good people to public office. Don’t elect or keep someone in office unless they are the type of person who really represents you and your values.

If you care about the outcomes of elections and the people who make decisions affecting your life, you should participate in the process.

Partisan politics only divide, not unite us. Let’s work to move past partisanship whenever possible.

One vote may not change the world, but every vote counts. You should vote.

If you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain about the results. Be involved or be quiet.

Social issues

If we’re going to use resources to fix a problem, we should use these resources wisely and try to fix the whole problem, not just a part of it.

Violence against any living thing is horrible and deserves understanding and action — whether it’s domestic violence or animal abuse.

No matter what you believe about the current state of our environment or any other social issue, please attempt to educate yourself on all sides of the issue(s) before determining your opinion and any course of action.

Laws and rights

We can and should all enjoy First Amendment and other Constitutional freedoms while still treating each other with respect and consideration.

Equality is right. Everyone deserves to be treated equally under the law.


You never know whether the person who is serving you your hamburger today could be judging your court case someday in the future. Treat everyone with respect, especially those in service positions.

Say no to anything that might make you “glow.”

Don’t expose kids to harmful situations. Just because you choose to inhale carcinogenic chemicals or eat unhealthily doesn’t mean they should have to.

If your kid causes a fire, they should pay for it, not you. But in case state laws disagree with this assertion, make sure your kids don’t cause fires.

Wear your seatbelt, drive sober and drive only when you’re fit to do so. Always.

If you want to risk blowing off your own limbs with personal fireworks, fine — but don’t waste public resources in the process.

Keep kids at home if you know or think it’s likely they’ll ruin others’ dining experience. You may love to hear the sound of your baby’s cry, but others probably don’t.

If you make a dangerous animal angry, you deserve to get attacked or eaten. So don’t do this and you’ll be fine!

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