The Word (4/23): Chronicle’s guide to the SLC music scene

By By Makena Walsh and By Makena Walsh

By Makena Walsh

April 24Loom$65:30 p.m.Kilby Court(741 S. 330 West)

Labels like “post-hardcore” and “alt-hardcore” do little justice to a group like Loom whose ear-tingling aesthetic is impossible to distill into one- or two-word music tags. Grafted from other projects based in and around the Salt Lake Area (including Harmon’s Heart, Her Candane, Trojan, Michigan, I Am The Ocean and Farewell My Enemy), Loom’s intricate guitar work, electric viola and overall synergy have the beehive in a buzz from their debut EP, Angler.

April 24Dirty Heads$108:30 p.m.Burt’s Tiki Lounge(726 S. State St.)

Dirty Heads got their start drinking beers in a decrepit garage in Huntington Beach, Calif., and opening small shows for one of the band member’s brothers. Mixing rap and reggae grooves with Southern California skate and surf culture, Heads flirted with a few major labels before deciding to release their debut, Sails to the Wind, on Warner Brothers. Such major financial backing has its perks, as the group learned when it was able to procure percussionist Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, Sting, The Vandals) as well as audio engineer Mario Caldato Jr. (Jack Johnson, Beastie Boys). Like similar reggae/punk band Pepper, the Heads seek to foster a party-like atmosphere at their shows.

April 26Celtic Woman$508 p.m.Kingsbury Hall

Have you ever been bludgeoned only to wake up in a castle hall surrounded by five Irish women who serenade you with Gaelic folk ballads? Thanks to the Celtic Woman show, you can now have this experience without the requisite psychedelics and copy of “Darby O’Gill and The Little People.” Hailed by Irish culture revivalists, the show has been running since 2004, but only achieved real attention after PBS filmed and aired one of its performances. Since the PBS broadcast, the show and accompanying album have done extremely well, taking the act to international audiences.

April 26Mac Lethal$87 p.m.Kilby Court(741 S. 330 West)

Mac Lethal is the last person you want to battle. His penchant for clever impromptu rhymes garnered him first place at 2002’s Scribble Jam and a coveted spot on indie label Rhymesayers (Atmosphere, Brother Ali, P.O.S.). Lethal is refreshingly un-PC and is on tour to support his latest release, 11:11, the first collection of indie hip-hop drinking ballads.

Cheers, Lethal.

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